About Me

Michelle Manzi, counsellor in North Finchley

I am a Humanistic Integrative Counsellor meaning I offer a completely flexible approach, tailoring to each individual’s needs.

Whether you are feeling stuck in cyclical patterns you hope to change, struggling to live with ongoing confused or painful feelings, learning to manage and understand anxiety or just need someone to listen and share in a journey of change, I will work with you to achieve your aims and facilitate a route towards a more fulfilled and productive way of life.


Some of my special interests include struggles with:

Sense of self:

If you are experiencing not feeling sure of who you are, or questioning decisions you have made that have led you to a confused or unfulfilled time in your life; counselling can help identify your wishes and needs by exploring your unique history, learning how your personal experiences may have prevented self-expression and the awareness of your desires, facilitating change and the confidence to live a more authentic and congruent life.

Early experience:

We are all affected by the environment we grew up in which has influenced how we respond and feel about our present day situations. Counselling can help to develop an awareness of the powerful influences of these initial relationships and encourage unexpressed feelings, which can in turn, be the beginning of empowerment and the scope to make new choices and promote the changes you may be looking for.


Another area of interest is in the field of infertility, understanding and supporting the feelings of despair and hopelessness that come from trying to achieve a pregnancy. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey, or needing to face decisions that mean more risks and unknowns, or reaching a place where you need to move on to something different, I offer a compassionate, empathic space in order to support you through a journey that can feel extremely isolating and difficult to face.


I believe in the deep complexities of our sexual natures and realise that for some this may bring up questions, confusion or issues which I am very happy to explore with you with sensitivity and openness, fully embracing and supporting whatever route this journey may take.

I respect and facilitate the autonomy of the client and encourage you to lead the pace and depth of your own journey to enable freedom and change. I will support and encourage you through this process to take the steps towards helping you live a more fulfilled and productive way of life.

I believe that the relationship between counsellor and client is key to a successful process and the way we engage with each other is the key to a successful outcome. I offer warmth, respect, empathy, commitment and confidentiality whilst creating a journey of healing and renewed vision.

I am a registered and accredited member of the BACP and work within their ethical framework, believing strongly in providing a confidential, trusting and respectful relationship with my clients, striving to make a difference and enable change through an empathic and committed professional relationship.